COVID19 UPDATE - The retail is closed. Good news we are accepting online orders for delivery again.. Learn More...

UPDATE: Level 4 - Covid19 lock down

Update 30/03/2020

Good news! We are back in business and can accept online orders which we will deliver to you. 
We are offering deliveries on Tues/Wed/Thur at this stage.
Please note we can only accept about 100 deliveries on any day so if you notice a day has been blocked out, it is because we are at capacity.
And on a bonus note! We are also offering free-range eggs now on delivery.
Thanks for your support and understanding while we got the greenlight :D
The HB Team 💙
**Please note* If you have questions please email us at  the comments section does not give us the option to reply and email you and we would hate to miss anything.*


Update from 28/03/2020



We are at a capacity of orders for next week and beyond (while we are unsure if we are able to continue our delivery service) so for people who have already placed orders - we will get them out to you next week - if we will be unable to do this we will reach out and let you know in due course.

As we mentioned yesterday, MPI has changed the rules and we are awaiting feedback about our status as an essential service.

➡️We have explained to them in our case for you, buying online reduces contact with other people and we are waiting for a clear idea of what we can and can not do.

For updates please continue to follow us on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter updates on our website and we will send out an email and post here as soon as/ if we get a green light.

Thanks so much for your support and custom during this stressful time.


Update from 27/03/2020


Thanks for your patience team as the varying information circulates!

We are currently working with MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) as the government change their goal posts of what is and isn't classified as essential in regards to butcheries and wholesale supplies.

We are awaiting confirmation in regards to our online services (our physical store has been closed since Monday's original announcements) and as such have disabled delivery dates passed Thursday 2nd of April.

What this means is we will continue as we currently are. If you have placed an order already for dates passed the 2nd April do not panic, we will get in touch closer to the time when we know more and provide solutions for you if need be.

If you are yet to order, you can but delivery dates are disabled passed the 2nd April (31st of March reached capacity of orders and is now also unavailable)

We will keep you updated as we learn more!

We hope you all are taking care during this time, being safe, responsible and looking after your families.

The HB Team 💙


Update from 25/03/2020


We are experiencing a large number of orders at the moment and really appreciate you supporting our business! As we reach capacity for delivery days we will disable that date at the checkout so you can only select the next available date. The 31st or March 2020 filled up quick and is no longer an available date for delivery. 


Update from 25/03/2020


Thank you to all our wonderful customers during this stressful time. We appreciate your patience while we took some time to regroup and find out if we could keep trading and bringing you food during this stressful time. Retail Closed - Online Deliveries Available Our physical store will be closed during the lockdown, however, we are accepting online delivery with the earliest delivery option being Tuesday the 31st of March.  Stay safe!

We hope your families are all doing okay, thank you for your support and understanding as we work out the logistics and cope with the increasing demand.
Kind Regards, The Team at Halswell Butchery
*Please note* If you have questions please email us at  the comments section does not give us the option to reply and email you and we would hate to miss anything.





  • Hi!looking forward to buy online.thanks.

    Remy Balboa
  • Thanks for the update. Will the orders on 26 March be a one off, or will you do more than one delivery during the lockdown period?

    Rachael Stewart

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