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Delivery Times during Lock down, Pies and Delivery Price Updates

We hope you are all safe and well in your little corner of the world! I just wanted to touch base with a bit more info about deliveries, online orders and all things lockdown related.

meat delivery

When is the next available delivery date?

As of today Monday the 13/04/2020 the next available delivery slot is the 30th of April. This is because we have received 10x more orders than usual through our online store, we can fill around 100 orders a day, and we are working hard to get peoples deliveries to them earlier. 

TIP: We recommend planning your meals a week or two in advance and placing your order early to secure a spot. Or order one of our meat for a week packs and pies - so that you can team them with a few veggies for an easy lockdown meal. 

Have you already placed an order for delivery in the next two weeks? Would you like to add pies to it?

We have a batch of pies coming in which we can add to your existing orders. If you want to add pies to an existing order, send us an email or Facebook messenger with your original order number along with which pies you would like to add. We can then give you our bank details through Facebook messenger or by email to top up payment and pop the items in with your order. We have steak and Cheese, Mince and Cheese, Butter Chicken and Beef bacon and Beer.

How can I get free delivery?

We offer free delivery in Christchurch on orders over $75 and surrounding parts of Canterbury for $100. You can see the shipping price when you enter your postcode for delivery during the checkout process.

Tip: Add some products with a longer shelf life (like smoked salmon, bacon or sausages ) to your order to bump yourself up to free delivery threshold. Because we vacuum-pack our meat, it lasts longer than the supermarket and also makes it easier to freeze.

Why have the delivery and free shipping prices changed?

We recently switched to a new shipping platform based on the prices our carrier has given us for delivery, based on your postcode. Due to the sheer volume of orders, we are pushing out. This means we know the true cost of delivery to those areas (we do not make any money on delivery of your orders) We wanted to address this to put to rest any thoughts of price gouging - we wouldn’t do that to you during this difficult time. 

Should I return my chilltainer during this climate?

Yes please, We are taking precautions, and we can pick up your box when we drop off your next order if you can leave it by your door waiting for us to pick it up so our delivery people can safely have a contactless drop up and box pick up :)



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