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The Christchurch Butchery

Halswell Butchery and Delicatessen is a locally owned and operated Christchurch business catering to a large range of customers.  We not only run a retail shop at 490 Sparks Road, Halswell but also supply commercial businessesprocess home kill and offer private meat processing for farms and livestock.

Come into our retail shop where our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you select from a wide range of fresh products.

  • Premium lamb and beef sourced locally
  • fresh and smoked salmon
  • chicken including free range hormone free whole chickens
  • free range eggs
  • gluten-free pork and ham
  • our own dry cured bacon for maximum sizzle and flavour
  • a terrific range of flavoured sausages
  • cheerios for the children
  • delicious meat filled pies
  • Evansdale cheeses
  • Plus a number of other delicatessen products

Take advantage of our marinated or pre-crumbed products at no additional cost for less prep time in the kitchen. If you can't decide our staff will be willing to provide you with recommendations

Can't make it into our shop? Talk to us about delivery or order online.

Here are some of our best selling products in the Christchurch Butchery Retail Store

1: Salmon

Our salmon comes from Sanford, farmed at Big Glory Bay in Stewart Island. The king salmon species farmed here are often heralded as the very best salmon species in terms of taste, texture and nutritional quality. This quality has been recognised by world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium – who has named New Zealand King Salmon the world’s most environmentally sustainable farmed salmon.

You can purchase fresh salmon at Halswell Butchery, or try out our absolutely delicious hot smoked salmon. Once the fresh fish arrives, we fillet and smoke it on the premises. Because it's hot smoked, you don't need to cook it, so it is perfect for crackers, in salads, or in pasta.

salmon christchurch


2: Ham

Our hams are all cooked on the premises, with minimal water added. You can purchase them whole, or we can slice to order.

3. Bacon

All the bacon we sell is dry cured the old-style way on our premises. As the name suggests, dry curing means that no water is added. This ensures that whether you are pan frying or grilling, the bacon doesn't steam, ensuring you get a lovely, crispy result. Perfect for your weekend breakfast!

A large range of loin, shoulder and Danish style (using just the eye) options, with or without rind are available. Check them out next time you're in.

Free Range Bacon Christchurch

fillet steak christchurch

3: Beef - Fillet and Rib Eye Steaks

Our premium steaks are all aged at least two weeks to maximize flavour.

Fillet steak is the tenderest cut available and is so lean, there is almost no waste.

Ribeye steak has a little more marbling, which many believe provides a superior flavour.

4: Smallgoods - Salamis

We stock a full range of salamis - from a feisty pepperoni, to strong garlic through to mild for those who like to take things a little more slowly.

If you're after an elegant addition to your antipasto platters, look no further than our delicious Prosciutto. Air dried and sliced thin, it's also fantastic to wrap around other meats or fruits.

Another one to try is our Pancetta - Italian bacon which adds a sophisticated touch to pasta and stew.

Sliced Chorizo is another option to spice up your antipasto. It's superb on crackers, or in many Spanish tapas dishes.

buy salami butchery christchurch

buy sausages christchurch butchery


5: Smallgoods - Sausages

Kransky sausages, with their distinctive smoky flavour, make a great alternative for hot dogs, and are usually a big hit with the kids.

Frankfurters are the more traditional hot dog option - and who says you have to wait for the weather to get warm to enjoy a sausage in a bun??

6: Cheeses

We are extremely proud of our excellent range of cheeses. Some of our favourites are listed below. Be sure to ask if you need help deciding which to try!

  • Danish Feta - made of cow's milk - ideal in salads and pastries
  • Taleggio - an Italian cheese like a soft brie. It has a strong flavour with an almond overtone. It's fantastic melted, wonderful in sandwiches and also ideal for use on a platter with crackers or biscuits.
  • Gruyere - also from Italy, this cheese has a fruity/nutty flavour and is ideal for fondues or on the platter.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano is the king of cheeses. Aged for at least 3 years, this cheese has a sweet, fruity taste. It can be used in a wealth of ways - in sauces, salads, pasta or risotto.
  • Grana Padano is Parmigiano's younger version. It's been aged at least 18 months and has a pineapple flavour. It can be used in the same way as Parmigiano.
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*You will not find salami or cheese in our online store*we do not carry the full Halswell Butchery range in our online store.*

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