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Elevate Your Fundraising in Christchurch with Premium Bacon & Sausages

Are you looking for fundraising products for your School? Sports Team? or Charity? Did you know we offer fundraising bacon and sausages at a really great price which you can then sell for your next fundraising event.

How does it work:

 Sell bacon for your next fundraiser Buy our Bacon for $6.00 per 350gm pack and sell them between $8.00-$9.00 each. This Rind-on Loin Bacon (Dry-Cured and all NZ Pork). Perfect for school or sporting group fundraisers.


Sell Sausages for your next fundraising event - Pre-cooked sausages for fundraising events as available as well, 72 cents each (minimum amount 100).


 Have a fundraising sausage sizzle or sell bacon sandwiches -We can also sell you meat for a fundraising sausage sizzle after all, who can resist the smell of a bacon buttie on the bbq.

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