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Private Meat Processing

Do you have a farm or livestock? Have you spent hours nurturing your stock and want only the best? If you want to maximise the satisfaction and flavour of homegrown, then we can help you with our Meat Processing Services. Whether you choose our own abattoir or want to use the services of Pete Blanken at Malvern Home Kill  (we can book them in for you), we make it easy taking care of the preparation, cleaning, cutting, processing and packaging. If it’s beef you’re after, we’ll hang it for 6 days to maximise the flavour and tenderness.


Use our forms to choose your preferred cuts and package sizes.  A beef carcase can be divided into half or quarters for your convenience. For a small additional fee, we can create flavoured sausages and saveloys. Why not try out the different flavours in our shop to experience the range of flavours available! We can also make salamis.

Remember the better quality of your meat, the better the end result. It all starts with you!


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