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You can not go past our butcheries tasty range of 'pig friendly' bacon - Just ask the locals. We do not add water during the curing process. This ensures that whether you are pan frying or grilling, the bacon doesn't steam, ensuring you get a lovely, crispy result. Perfect for your weekend breakfast! Choose from, loin, shoulder, belly and danish (just the eye or meaty part) for a flavoursome locally sourced bacon.

Halswell Butchery's premium pork is all sourced locally from Canterbury 'pig friendly' farms creating happier healthier pigs for more succulent meat. All farms operate under NZ Pork's  Pig Care accreditation programme.

Halswell Butchery Belly Bacon - Dry Cured from $5.50 NZD
Halswell Butchery Loin Bacon - Dry cured from $5.20 NZD
Halswell Butchery Diced Bacon from $2.59 NZD
Halswell Butchery Rind-Less Loin Bacon from $5.20 NZD
Halswell Butchery Shoulder Bacon- Dry Cured (1kg Pack) $22.95 NZD
Halswell Butchery Ham Hock $7.95 NZD