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✔ Locally owned and operated family business.

✔ We take the time to help you find the perfect meats and cuts for your particular tastes.

✔ With fair prices and unmatched selection

✔ You can trust in the knowledge that comes with more than a decade of service.


Meet Our Skilled Christchurch Butchery Team at Halswell Butchery

Brad Williams (Owner)

What I Love Most About My Job: "I am so proud of the quality of the products we sell and the high level of customer service we provide. Having said that, we are always wanting to get better, so if you have any comments or suggestions on ways we could improve, please email me: or have a chat with me next time you're in the store."


What I Love Most About My Job: "I love the challenge of cutting the meats to the highest standard and helping maintain the reputation of excellence that the Halswell Butchery has. I also really enjoy helping our customers and receiving good feedback that we get from so many of them."



 What I love most about my job: " I really enjoy working with the great team here, the fantastic products and meeting and helping the wonderful customers."


What I love most about my job: “I love the feeling of a social family when people come in and talk about their experiences with us and our product.”


What I love most about my job: "I love having the opportunity to extend myself. I enjoy working with quality cuts and excellent recipes to create a fantastic range of small goods. I take pride in my work and appreciate the rave reviews from our customers, particularly for our dry cured bacon." 


What I love most about my job: "I love working at Halswell Butchery. The staff are very friendly and what I enjoy most is the fact that I get to satisfy customers with our fine quality New Zealand meat. I also enjoy the fact that almost every day I am learning something new and my level of knowledge, at the butchery, is always growing."