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Halswell Butchery owners

The butchery was purchased by current owners Brad & Moana Williams in May 2007. Brad is now in his 30's and has been a butcher since the age of 16. Brad and Moana are used to hard work having owned their own cleaning business in addition to holding down full-time jobs for over 5 years.


Whilst Brad spends his days focusing his energy on the thriving butchery, Moana works in their other business 'Bodyfix' which is located at 29 Leeds St which they co-own. 


Bodyfix Gym Christchurch


Away from work the busy couple stay extremely fit and healthy. Moana is a keen runner/cyclist and Group Exercise Instructor whilst Brad enjoys the challenge of Multi sports including running, cycling and kayaking and competes in many events.


However, their biggest love and focus is their little girl Mercedes Aroha Williams. Mercedes entered their world in 2012 and plays a huge part in the butchery & the gym. Testing the cheerio's at the Butchery then off to the gym she goes with Mum to work them off. With both businesses being voted South Islands best Butchery and Best Gym of the year (2013) it is never a dull day in the Williams Household.


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