Bronze Meat 4 A Week Pack Meal Prep & Planner

Meal Plan:

#Mealprep with us and keep your free time... well free.

Steal our meal planner and make your shopping easy with our Bronze Meat 4 A Week Pack this week. It's easy to print out and stick on the fridge AND we've even written the grocery list for you. We also recommend you pick up a Sunday roast) because they are such a treat on a cold winters day.

Get the printable version here to stick on the fridge for your the week

meal plan


Monday: Chicken Bacon and Mushroom Fettucine

Tuesday: Sausage Casserole

Wednesday: Lemon Pork Chops

Thursday: Chicken Bowls, Wraps or Burgers

Friday: Kiwi Mince Stew, OR Make into a Bolognese/Meat Sauce with our tips!

Saturday: Freestyle

Sunday: Freestyle (we recommend a Sunday roast)


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  • I saw your coconut and mushroom chicken recipe on line this morning but can’t find it now.Ive brought all the ingredients for the casserole.Could you please post it on line again.Thanks

    Jan Gooch

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