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Monday 6th Septemeber Covid Update: What does Lockdown Level 2 Mean at Halswell Butchery

We can not wait to open our door to you all again, from Wednesday 8th September we will resume our normal shop hours! Meaning you can use all of our services, online and delivery, click and collect as well as shopping in store.

At level two we will still be providing you with your favourite meat deliveries in a safe way. 

Keep reading to find out how it works, how we are keeping you safe, and what to expect in store:

As leaders in meat butchering and food preparation services we already have a very high standard of cleaning and sanitation.

Rest assured we are continuing to implement our best practices of hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and now including physical distancing to the best of our abilities.

We are also following the government best practices to keep you, our customers, as well as our team safe.

• If you are or have been unwell in the last 14 days, Please stay home
- you can use our delivery service instead.

•Please wear a mask at all times within our store, including upon arrival and when you leave.

• We have hand sanitizer available for use upon arrival so we can keep the store free from contaminates, feel free to also use it again on your way out.

• Please respect and maintain a social distance of 2 metres when in the shop
- if upon entering this cannot be done, we ask that you wait outside until someone leaves and then enter yourself. (We also ask that only one person for your household enters our store at one time.)

• Eftpos is the preferred method of instore payment. - we ask that you sanitize your hands again before using it.

• If you are purchasing from the pre-packaged fridges, please touch only what you are taking.

Following the above guidelines means we can keep you and ourselves safe as well as continue to provide you with your favourite meat. 


P.S At this stage, the next available delivery or pickup slot is on the 8th of September.

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