Online ordering is officially closed for 2023

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✔ Locally owned and operated family business.

✔ We take the time to help you find the perfect meats and cuts for your particular tastes.

✔ With fair prices and unmatched selection

✔ You can trust in the knowledge that comes with more than a decade of service.


Monday 30th August 2021 - Lockdown and Delivery Update

We are still in Lockdown at Level Four until 11.59pm Tuesday 31st August when we will move to Alert Level Three

What does lockdown mean at Halswell Butchery at Level 3.

At level three we will still be providing you with your favourite meat delivered in a safe and contactless way!! 

As someone once said "level three is just level four with takeaways" so not that much has changed.

At level three:

  • We will still be here and any orders will be delivered to your door.
  • There is so no in-store or pick up/click and collect options.

This means you can stay home and keep your bubble safe just that wee bit longer!

Thank you to everyone who has already ordered with us in recent times, or changed their usual routine from visiting us in-store to visiting us online.

We are so humbled that we were able to keep our online services available to you!

Just a heads up:

  • We only deliver Tuesday - Friday.
  • If you are yet to order, the dates you can select for delivery at the shopping cart are starting to fill up so be sure to check out the next available delivery date and plan ahead.
  • We usually close a day delivery slots off as we hit the maximum amount of orders we can handle and get delivered on any given day.

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