Ribeye Steaks
Photo courtesy of NZ Beef+ Lamb
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Ribeye Steaks

Halswell Butchery
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The ribeye fillet is cut from the whole boneless eye of the rib roast. Often referred to as Scotch fillet steaks. 


  • The typical marbling in this cut creates lots of flavours keeping the steak moist and tender whilst cooking.
  • The cut has a slightly open grain and some marbling in addition to a strip of fat within the lean that runs through the length of the scotch fillet tapering slightly towards the chuck end.
  • Great for pan frying, BBQ and stir-frying.
  • A great source of protein, b12, zinc and iron.


  • We recommend a 200g Ribeye Steak and also sell by the piece
  • Order in bulk and cut it to your desired size.


    PAN FRY OR BBQ: When pan frying, pat meat dry before cooking. When meat is wet it does not brown well. Sear over a medium-high heat turning only once. The general rule is to allow less time on the second side. Allow the scotch fillet steak to rest before serving, roughly one minute per 100g to allow juices to settle and fibres to relax for the most tender result.

    STIR FRY:  If you have thinly sliced your scotch fillet steak for stir-fry, coat with flour or spice mixture to keep moisture in and protect the beef while cooking. Try allowing space around your scotch fillet steaks in the pan as overcrowding can reduce the temperature and slow cooking. 

    RECIPES: For recipes with NZ Beef+ Lamb search scotch fillet.
    This steak is succulent, tender and full of flavour and is one of the most popular. The ribbons of fat that run through the meat keep it moist and tender while cooking. 

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