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✔ Locally owned and operated family business.

✔ We take the time to help you find the perfect meats and cuts for your particular tastes.

✔ With fair prices and unmatched selection

✔ You can trust in the knowledge that comes with more than a decade of service.


Small Goods

We take great pride in our selection of quality small goods from our flavoursome sausages,  cured bacon and special salamis. All are crafted with care by our master small goodsman using quality, locally sourced ingredients, our own spices and traditional recipes.  It's these wonderful recipes that have helped us become Canterbury's best butchery.



We have a  range of Gluten Free sausages and make everything on premise from the humble and popular saveloy to the spicy texan chilli sausages.

A sample of our sausages on offer:

  • Beef & cracked pepper sausages

  • Cumberland sausages

  • Tomato &

  • Texan chilli

  • Bratwurst

  • Chorizo

  • Chippolatas
  • Cheerios

  • Chicken and spinach

  • Beef

  • Pork

  • Kranskys
  • Breakfast sausages

  • Frankfurters


You can't go past our dry cured bacon - just ask the locals. As the name suggest the dry curing process means that no water is added, making for that perfect crispy bacon in your pan. Choose from, loin, shoulder, belly and Danish (just the eye or meaty part) for a flavoursome locally sourced bacon.

Select from our beautifully cured salamis made with quality ingredients. From a feisty pepperoni to a zesty garlic or a mild spice we can find one to suit your taste buds.  If you are the hunter gatherer type, looking to have your own made, then talk to our team or visit our services page.

So from a spicy chorizo to add a zing to your paella, a classic frankfurter for a hot dog on the run, a selection of salamis for antipasto platters to serious sausies for the BBQ or breakfast we have it all.