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pork chops Halswell Butchery's premium pork is all sourced locally from Canterbury 'pig friendly' farms creating happier healthier pigs for more succulent meat. All farms operate under NZ Pork's Pig Care accreditation programme. All our pork cuts and hams are Gluten Free.

Hams Our hams are all cooked on the premises, with minimal water added. You can purchase them whole (raw or cooked) or we can slice to order. We specialise in Christmas hams and take orders prior to Christmas (generally in November). Watch our Facebook and website pages for details of order dates.

All the bacon we sell is dry cured the old-style way on our premises. As the name suggests, dry curing means that no water is added. This ensures that whether you are pan frying or grilling, the bacon doesn't steam, ensuring you get a lovely, crispy result. Perfect for your weekend breakfast!

A large range of loin, shoulder and Danish style (using just the eye) options, with or without rind are available. Check them out next time you're in or order your bacon, ham and pork cuts online.


For the perfect roast try from our range of pork products including shoulders, legs, loin, fillet and pork belly.  Our staff will happily share their cooking tips.

For pork sausages choose from Cumberland(Gluten Free) or pure pork sausages made by our very own small goods specialist.
Try our pickled pork - great warm from the slow cooker and perfect for sandwiches. You also can't go past the flavour of pork mince. Excellent as an alternative to beef meat minces and perfect for Asian dishes.

Pork is versatile and easy to cook. It is best cooked to an internal temperature of 71oC. A rough guideline for cooking at approx 170OC is 25 minutes per 500g for boneless pork and 30-35 min per 500g for bone in pork.
For inspiration on how to cook pork visit NZ Pork 
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