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Tender, lean New Zealand lamb brought to you by Canterbury's No. 1 butcher. We take pride and care in bringing you the best cuts of quality lamb at affordable prices.

Lean beef and lamb are both excellent sources of well-absorbed iron. With few calories and high protein content, lean red meat makes a satisfying meal which aids in weight control. They are also important sources of protein, B vitamins, iron and zinc as well as a little vitamin D, selenium and omega 3, contributing to a healthy, balanced diet.

Synonymous with New Zealand and kiwi culture, New Zealand lamb is a great way to impress whether it's throwing a few chops on the BBQ, cooking up a classic roast, or impressing the inlaws with a fine fillet. Find your fix from a range of great recipes at NZ Beef+Lamb.

Similar to beef, there is a cut to suit varying styles of cooking. Quick & easy or slow and succulent - Choose a method to bring out the best in your meat. Let our team help you find the lamb cut to suit your preferred method of cooking. Save time with our marinated lamb shanks and chops or our diced lamb ready for you to add your own special blend of spices.

Image courtesy of New Zealand Beef+Lamb

Image courtesy of New Zealand Beef+Lamb