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We are working with MPI


Thanks for your patience team as the varying information circulates!

We are currently working with MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) as the government change their goalposts of what is and isn't classified as essential in regards to butcheries and wholesale supplies.

We are awaiting confirmation in regards to our online services (our physical store has been closed since Monday's original announcements) and as such have disabled delivery dates passed Thursday 2nd of April.

What this means is we will continue as we currently are. If you have placed an order already for dates passed the 2nd April do not panic, we will get in touch closer to the time when we know more and provide solutions for you if need be.

If you are yet to order, you can but delivery dates are disabled passed the 2nd April (31st of March reached a capacity of orders and is now also unavailable)

We will keep you updated as we learn more!

We hope you all are taking care during this time, being safe, responsible and looking after your families.

The HB Team 💙