Online ordering is officially closed for 2023

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Store Front Closed & Online Open - No Pick Ups

Our most important job as a country right now is to contain what is happening around us.

Our Prime Minister has given the instruction that as of 11:59pm Wednesday 25th of March we are going to be at a Level 4 Alert which means that as a country we go into isolation.

To allow this to happen essential businesses need to and will remain open. As a food provider, we at Halswell Butchery fall into this category.

As a business and family that prides itself on caring for the people of which we provide to we have taken the time to figure out how we can continue to provide for our locals and much appreciated loyal customers (You guys, our family and friends).

We need to stay well ourselves and set the example of creating new normals in this time of change and uncertainty.

Following the guidelines set around lockdown and isolation we are using our available resources to deliver quality meat to you and your family while at the same time looking after our own.

We have decided that the best way to do this is through minimizing contact as much as we can and implementing rules of social distancing.

This is why our storefront shop will remain closed through this current Alert Level.

We have an incredible system in place already of allowing you to order meat online which we deliver to your door.

We have decided as a team to do everything we can to keep this system available. What that means is you will still be able to order your meat online and have it delivered through the next four weeks and onwards.

We are taking the next couple of days to ensure all current orders made prior to yesterday's change in status are fulfilled and to ensure our wider team are doing okay with the changes we all are going through.

Our thoughts right now are with everyone and the times we are facing. But we hope that we can relive a little of the stress by making sure that your meat delivery does not have to end.

Brad and the entire Halswell Butchery team.

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