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Blast from the past!

To bring in the New Year ➡️ "We always look back to look forward" #fridayflashback
Who remembers when Brad the Butcher and his family took over Halswell Butchery in '07?

We hope all of you are having an enjoyable festive season, whether you have been working through or had a break we hope you have had time to enjoy some steaks or sausages on the BBQ and your Christmas Hams & Turkeys.

It has been one heck of a year and we cant thank you enough for sticking with us through it.
➡️To those who continued their online orders
➡️To those who moved from in store to online ordering
➡️And to those who became new customers because we could come to you,


Not long to go now until we are back in and ready to go all over again and we will be refreshed and ready to keep the summer BBQs cranking! 🥩🍗🍢🦞🍽