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"Simply The Best" Sausages and Steaks? in Christchurch - Tina Turner ain't got nothing on us!

Summer is here and makes no “miss-steak” – if you are in the market for affordable premium quality BBQ cuts we have you covered. Enjoy the tastiest steak and sausages to make those BBQ’s with friend and family extra memorable this year.

There is nothing better than getting out on the barbie, getting some much needed Vitamin D as you listen to the relaxing sizzle of a steak or sausage, and feel the condensation dripping down the outside of your beer as you take a sip and the steam that erupts as you give your meat a little bit of extra beer marinade.

Why choose Halswell Butchery Steak & Sausages

  • 100% Quality New Zealand Meat.
  • Affordable premium cuts of meat.
  • Order by piece or by weight.
  • We DO NOT under any circumstances inject our meat with water to bulk up the weights, leaving you with a shrivelled and pathetic steak.
  • Banger flavours galore” – WOW the kids and your guests with the yummy flavours.
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